Regardless of the size and industry of your business or its transportation requirements we have the expertise, tools and data to improve your operations align critical cost and service dimensions

Our fact driven approach will allow you to not only understand the market in general, but also manage your business on a more granular level. Improving transportation operations requires a holistic approach which needs to consider key performance indicators, such as capacity, demand, type of cargo, forecasts as well as implications created by changed in modal activity on macro level and network interdependencies.


Leveraging information advantages will be the biggest differentiator in the air freight market of the future.

Hermann Ude

Managing Partner Transport Transparency

Your challenges, your solutions

Biggest challenges in air freight

Ongoing volatility through demand and supply dynamics

Significant trade lane specific deviation from average view

Commodity and density driven pricing dynamics

Surcharge management – the big unknown


What shippers say

We call for open tripartite dialogue and jointly optimized processes in an end to end view.

What forwarders say

Increased transparency and facts will bring benefit to all parties in our industry.

What airlines say

We want to jointly work with our customers to improve the industry and bring value to all stakeholders. This will only work if we have a shared common fact base.