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An improved fact base for decision making will result in changed decision making processes and potentially into a new governance model. Your buying cycle may change as much as cooperation models and performance management and measurement.

Our experienced team can support you in defining ambition levels and managing the transformation of your structures into a fact based and effective organization. We are providing analytics to many of the world’s leading transport providers and shippers, based on primary and secondary data collection and interpretation of such.

Moreover, we are prepared to strategize with you regarding future trends that may challenge your organization. Be it a breakthrough in emission trading, the trend for an increasing share of belly space, more night flight bans, changes in e-freight or cargo 2000, new cost lines in the areas of security, messaging or documentation. As all these trends can be threats or opportunities for your organization - it is good to have the best advisors on your side when it comes to their assessment.

The types of projects we cover

  • Market Analysis & Intelligence
  • Change Management & Execution Support
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Competitor Analysis & Intelligence
  • Sales and Execution Planning

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