Our blended training approach will increase your and your teams understanding of the air freight industry and its dynamics.

Our capability building program enables organizations to place facts at the core of their tactical and strategic decision making. It has always been true: Data is not information and information does not generate value unless it is consistently applied. From our experience, customer organizations have substantial data at their disposal, yet they rarely leverage it in their decision making. Only when you train people on the usage of data and how to draw conclusions, you will see the desired change in behavior.

Due to the geographical distribution of transportation management organization the focus of our offering is on distant learning through e-learning modules and virtual classroom trainings. The advantages are:

  • Easy access at any time
  • Worldwide reach, at home or at the workplace
  • Individual scheduling of training sessions by your employees, including even repetitions
  • Swift introduction of new modules to registered learners
  • Ability to train wide spread organizations almost in parallel in a short time frame

In addition, classroom trainings and coaching sessions will deliver substantial value in specific situations. The training schedule and format around air freight is currently under development.

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